uPVC Sliding Windows

This window style is sleek, features less frame and more glass, offering an unobstructed view of outdoors. Asian Fabrications sliding window systems have a modern look that emphasizes on architectural style. Slider windows work well in a variety of rooms and spaces. Ideal of today’s compact homes, sliding windows create a stunning look that accentuates modern architecture.

Simplicity is one of the beauties of sliding windows. They come in two tracks, three tracks and multi-track shutters. These windows are fitted with drainage system, multi-point locking system. These windows are ideal solution for narrow spaces. Suitable for all weather conditions, sliding

windows can be made wider and taller to provide a panoramic view of outdoors. These are also offered in unique combinations of slider, fixed and casement.

Two Tracks: Meant for limited spaces, these are equipped with two tracks for sliding purposes

Three Tracks: Useful in limited space, these nevertheless need more area than two track windows. The three tracks provided for the purpose of sliding in these are interlocked with each other

Multi-Track: Need large space in which the window can be opened. These have been provided with a number sliding tracks like 4, 5 or 6